Catholic Charities Vehicle Donation Program and Tax Deduction for 2019

It is now close to the end of 2019, and Catholic Charities is asking you to check your garage, yard or other areas around your house for old vehicles that you are no longer using. Please donate your vehicle to the Catholic Charities (Diocese of Camden) Charitable Auto Resources for Services (CARS) vehicle donation program. The CARS program accepts any type of vehicle, running or non-running, including cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, boats, mobile homes, motorcycles, golf carts, scooters, etc.

Free towing and a IRS tax deduction form will be provided for your vehicle donation. To donate your vehicle, call toll free: 1–877–586–9227, and PLEASE MENTION YOU ARE DONATING YOUR VEHICLE TO CATHOLIC CHARITIES, DIOCESE OF CAMDEN. You can also donate your vehicle online at:

There is still time for you to receive a tax deduction on your 2019 tax return, if you donate your unused vehicle to Catholic Charities by December 31, 2019. All proceeds from the Catholic Charities CARS program benefit needy individuals and families in parishes, and throughout the six counties of South Jersey. Thank you very much for helping the needy in our Diocese.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact John Marcantuono, MSW, Director, Office of Community Support and Planning at Catholic Charities: 856-342-8786 |

Bulletin Announcement for Parishes

This is to request that you please place the announcement below, for the Catholic Charities Charitable Auto Resources for Services (CARS) vehicle donation program, in your Church Bulletin for as many weekends as possible in the months of November and December. If this is possible and you are able to place our CARS vehicle donation program announcement in future Bulletins for your Parish, then we thank you very much.

Please click here to view and download the PDF announcement. 

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