Share the Journey Solidarity Pilgrimages


About the Share the Journey Solidarity Pilgrimages

Catholic Charities, in collaboration with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Brownsville, and in direct response to Pope Francis’ call to Share the Journey, has been and will continue to organizing mission trips to the border throughout 2018 and 2019 to give Catholics in the six-county area of south Jersey the opportunity to better understand and explore the Church’s teachings on refugees and migrants.

These mission trips will allow individuals to grow in their faith and love of their neighbor through intimate experiences at the border.

Additionally, the Diocese as a whole will continue to grow in our understanding and love for our neighbor as those returning from border trips will share their experiences with a larger audience not able to journey themselves. By sharing their journeys and sharing their stories, the people of the Diocese of Camden will grow in their understanding of key concepts of Catholic Social teaching, such as global solidarity, subsidiarity, dignity of the person, rights and responsibilities.

Through completing specific projects which enhance the lives of those we serve at the Border, they will strengthen and deepen the relationship between communities on the Border and the communities in the Diocese of Camden. This initiative invigorates and deepens the commitment of participants to works of charity and justice, both here and abroad.

Included in the Pilgrimages

Meet Sister Norma Pimentel, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley and the 2018 Justice for All Dinner & Awards Ceremony honoree (photo courtesy of Loyola University Chicago)


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