Our Services

9In an effort to combat both hunger and poor nutrition, Catholic Charities provides several innovative services in and around Salem County.

  • Emergency Food Pantry Providers Coalition: Catholic Charities formed and spearheads a coalition of emergency food pantry providers that meets monthly to address challenges, share resources, and support one another in providing emergency food services to Salem County.
  • Nutrition Education Demonstrations: Catholic Charities offers nutrition education demonstrations hosted at food pantries throughout Salem County to advocate for healthier lifestyles and eating habits to food pantry recipients. Demonstrations include nutrition education, easy home exercises, cooking demonstrations, and free health care screenings. See our upcoming events for details.
  • Gleaning Initiatives: Gleaning is the age-old practice of collecting the extra produce from a farmer’s fields for the needy. Catholic Charities is working with local farmers to engage in gleaning for fresh fruits and vegetables that will then be distributed through the area food pantries.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable drives
  • Fresh meat drives
  • SNAP (food stamps) enrollment
  • WIC (food support for Women, Infants and Children) referrals