IMG_1029Reentry Services at Catholic Charities is a growing body of services that reach out to those who are incarcerated within the Diocese of Camden during the period of their imprisonment and beyond.

Our prison ministry program connects volunteers to opportunities for ministry in one of the nine prisons or jails in the Diocese and provides them with training and resources.

The Dismas Reentry program aims to help those leaving the criminal justice system get back on their feet and avoid the cycle of recidivism. Our record expungement services within this program help those burdened by a criminal record to make a new start and regain their self-sufficiency and independence through employment. The Dismas Reentry Program is named for Saint Dismas, the “good thief” crucified at the side of Jesus in the Gospel.

“No cell is so isolated as to exclude the Lord, none. He is there, he weeps with them, works with them, waits with them. His paternal and maternal love reaches everywhere.” – Pope Francis

- Pope Francis