Our Mission

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden is a faith-based agency rooted in the Gospel and in the social teaching of the Catholic Church. We provide social services to, advocate for, and empower the poor, oppressed or vulnerable. We do this on a non-discriminatory, non-sectarian basis throughout the six southern New Jersey counties.

Providing Hope since 1936 – From our humble roots when we started as the Catholic Aid Society to today, our mission has not changed: to serve the poor and vulnerable and to do so with dignity and respect. Each year, we serve more than 28,000 people in the six counties of the Camden Diocese.

Our Vision

Rooted in the Gospel and in Catholic Social teaching, we seek to transform the lives of people in need, with a special emphasis on reaching out to people and groups who are not fully part of the communities of South Jersey because they are poor and vulnerable.

Through innovative, caring social services and because of our high standards and expectations, we seek to provide appropriate service to all who ask for our assistance.

Our search for change and transformation leads us to create innovative partnerships with Catholic parishes and service organization, other social service agencies, Federal, State and local governments and all people of good will.

Our genuine concern for justice means that we advocate for people and communities. As wise stewards of the resources we employ, funders, donors and volunteers can entrust their time, treasure, and talents with confidence and faith.

Our Guiding Principles

We recognize that the interactions we have with people are as important as the outcomes of those interactions.

We remind ourselves that all people have the right and a duty to participate in seeking together the common good, and the well-being of families and communities.

We make the physically, emotionally, and economically marginalized central to our work, and we recognize that each encounter we have with the poor and vulnerable is an opportunity to receive the gifts of humanness, holiness, and faith, which they bring with them.

We are privileged to talk to all whom we encounter about their experiences. We not only give, but receive from this encounter, and are reminded of our vulnerability, poverty, and dignity. Then, we are given the responsibility to share these encounters and lived experiences with more people who, in turn, are given the same responsibility.

We endeavor to listen to people describe their needs and strive for ways to meet their needs and help to direct them develop and apply their skills to meet their own needs.