For Adoptive Parents

At Catholic Charities, we believe that every child’s birthright is a loving family.

Our goal is to keep families together, but when birth parents are unable to parent their child we do all we can to help them select a suitable adoptive family.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden is a licensed adoptions agency by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

LENGTH OF MARRIAGE: Couples must be married three full years or more.

RESIDENCE: Couples must be residing in the diocese (Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties) and must continue to reside in the Camden Diocese until the adoption is legally finalized.

AGE RANGE: Minimum age 23

FAMILY SIZE: Preference is given to childless couples.

INITIAL GROUP MEETING: This meeting is held periodically and general information on adoption is discussed and questions answered.   Following this meeting, there may be one other educational group meeting before or during the home study process.

HOMESTUDY: If after the initial group meeting you decide to proceed with adopting through our program the next step is completion of your home study.  The State requires a minimum of three interviews with no maximum.  The interviews are mainly conducted at our offices with one home visit.

After completion of the home study interviews and all documents are received including the results of the criminal history check, approval can be given and the couple is notified that they have been placed on our waiting list.

Note: Couples on waiting list must have their home study updated after 18 months and re-approved before placement of a child.

COUPLE SELECTION: When a family has completed the home study process and been approved to adopt a child, the birthparents in most instances choose to select the couple through written profiles created by the couples.  Many times they also meet the couple prior to the birth of their child.

POST PLACEMENT: Catholic Charities offers a full range of open-adoption alternatives for all members of the adoption triad: the birth parents, the child and the adoptive parents.

AGENCY SUPPORT: Adoptive families receive training and support throughout the entire adoption process. Post-Adoption counseling services are available for families and individuals after adoption.

Home study fee: $2500 (non- refundable) – $250 of this fee is paid at the time of application.  Also, there is a fee for the requisite criminal history check and child abuse/neglect registry check.

Adoption Fee: 12% of the couple’s combined gross income if over $50,000.00 with a maximum fee of $14,000.00.  If income is under $50,000.00, the fee is based on 10% of a couple’s income.  These fees are payable at the time of the first supervisory visit.  W-2 forms are used for verification of income in most instances.

Note: The agency fees do not include attorney’s fee for legalizing the adoption.

Catholic Charities places children from all ethnic backgrounds and age groups. The number of children available for adoption varies from year to year.