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  • Workshop attendees compare unit prices and retail prices at Incollingo’s Market in Penns Grove. The “Cooking Matters at the Store” Program, funded in part through a Catholic Charities grant, educates individuals on how to get the most nutrition and how to stretch their food dollars.

    Delicious, nutritious and thrifty: A Salem County food workshop

    When you’re on a tight budget, it can be a real challenge to shop for food that is not only affordable and healthy but also tasty. Through the “Cooking Matters at the Store” Program, also known as the “Healthy Food on a Budget Grocery Store Workshop,” Salem County residents are...

  • rawnak

    Learning English opens doors for motivated mom

      Rawnak Hazim’s ambitions did not stop at learning the English language when she came to the United States as a refugee two years ago. But that’s where her journey toward living the American Dream began. Hazim has spent the past two years as a dedicated student in the ESL...

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    A home and hope for a family in need

    Beena O’Neil was one day away from becoming homeless. She moved to New Jersey from Louisiana to care for her sister, who has health problems and needed the care of family. Once in New Jersey, Beena and her two sons, Sharoon and Simon, moved in with her niece, but that...