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    Workshop Reveals the Way to Delicious and Nutritious on a Thrifty Budget

    On Thursday, August 18, 2016, our Salem County Health and Wellness Program hosted a “Healthy Food on a Budget Workshop” at local Salem City food market, Incollingo’s Family Market. Workshop topics included: the pros and cons of fresh produce vs. frozen or canned products, how to compare unit prices and...

  • Frank and Judy

    Reunited: A Look Inside Catholic Charities’ Adoptions Research and Reunion Program

    Frank Patrinicola remembers exactly where he was the day he got the phone call. The 52-year-old operations consultant for Dupont was in the company parking lot after work preparing for the drive to his South Jersey home when he decided to check his voicemail. “As soon as she said, ‘I’m...

  • CAM00071

    Summer Happenings in Healthy Eating

    During the summer months our Salem County Healthy Eating program has remained busy hosting events geared toward educating residents in health and wellness and making fresh foods more readily accessible. Throughout the year, the program hosts events like fresh food drives and their signature, “Roadshow,” presentations hosted by local emergency...